Come On In! See What Is New!

Come On In! See What Is New!

We are so happy to have our clients and patients back in the building. It does not seem real how much time has passed. Many of you have told us over the passed year and a half how much you have missed the staff, and we have missed you all too!

There are many new and interesting products and services that Companion Animal Hospital is now providing since we may have seen your pet last. If you have not been in the building recently, please COME ON IN!

Dr. Anderson is keeping the shelf stocked with your well-known and loved treats and supplements like Lean Treats, Pill Pockets (WE HAVE CHICKEN FLAVOR NOW) and Oravet Dental Chews, ect.

Did you know that we also carry Natural Insect Repellant Spray that is 100% safe for your pet? Try it out when you take your pet to the lake this summer to help give some relief from all of those pesky mosquitoes and gnats.

Those of you that have been in since the doors opened back know that we are carrying a complete line of Pet Odor Exterminator Products for your home and car. Our candle scents include Orange Lemon Splash, Pineapple Coconut, Cool Cucumber & Honeydew, Maui Wowie Mango and Mulberry & Spice. You might also see that we have two NEW Fabric Refresheners in Orange Lemon Splash and Bamboo Breeze! Several of these scents are available in our Car Candles Air Fresheners.

So many times we hear clients ask about how they can help their anxious cat. We get it! It has hard to give a pill to cat sometimes. This is why when it comes to anxiety aids for felines, Companion Animal Hospital also offers several non-oral options for these types of behavioral and wellness aids. We have the ever-popular Feliway Collection. This particular product is a plug-in-the-wall diffuser that spreads pheromones to reduce tension for constant calming and comfort at home. It is available in Single and Multi-cat home.

You all have heard about Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Products and Supplements in recent announcements by Dr. Anderson. We have added a new product to our our line up called Calming Care for cats. It is a feline calming probiotic supplement that comes in a single-serve sachet that you sprinkle over the pet’s meal. (Comes in a 30 day supply) This product is a DOUBLE-WHAMMY. Not only does it provide calming support for your furry feline friend, the probiotic supplement also helps promote good digestive health and healthy stools!


Dr. Anderson is always talking about how we can improve as a medical unit to be more efficient and reliable to our clientele. Companion Animal Hospital is excited to now carry Rattler Antivenin!! Compatible for treatment in dogs and horses.

What happens after a snake bite? There are 3 types of deadly venom in North America, each with their own complex set of symptoms.

  • Cytotoxic Venom targets vital organs, attacks tissue and rots away flesh
  • Neurotoxic Venom attacks nervous system and you may notice tremors, paralysis, nerve damage and brain dysfunction
  • Hemotoxic Venom effects the cardiovascular system, attacks the blood, detroys, blood vessels, prevents blood from clotting and conversely can cause the blood to clot

What is venom anyway? Venom is lethal cocktail of proteins and enzymes with toxic and deadly properties used for catching prey and self defense. After venom is injected into the victim, it works quickly to attack from the inside out.

Venomous snakebites can happen anywhere and Companion Animal Hospital is prepared.

Rattler Antivenin treats some but not all venomous snakebites. The product does treat the bite from Mohave Type A Rattlesnakes found in the Southwest US and Mojave Desert (Neurotoxic), Rattlesnakes found all over the country (Hemotoxic), Cottonmouth/Water Moccasins found in the Southeastern US (Hemotoxic) and Copperheads found in the Eastern US (Hemotoxic).

How does antivenin work? The answer is antibodies. Antibodies are made of two regions, Fab and Fc. The Fab region is trained to treat a specific molecule while the Fc region holds the antibody together to make a strong molecule. Together they make up the whole IgC. Each unique antibody is made to neutralize a particular foreign protein. Rattler Antivenin antibodies are made specifically to target venom molecules from all mentioned venom types.

How is Rattler Antivenin administered? The antivenin is administered intravenously using a filtered IV set over a 20 to 60 minute period. Hospitalization and aftercare is typically required.

Please give our hospital a visit and check out these new products and many others not mentioned. As always, we strive to provide radical convenience and care to our clients and patients. We appreciate you all!