Companion Chooses Purina Veterinary Diets as Primary Food Option

Companion Chooses Purina Veterinary Diets as Primary Food Option

Dear Valued Client,

As you may be aware, Royal Canin, one of the largest canine and feline food manufacturers has
been performing dismally since prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Royal Canin has increasingly
failed to deliver ordered products on time and with reliability. Hill’s, though not nearly as bad as
Royal Canin, has recently had their own issues with reliability.

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Dr. Anderson has aggressively confronted these companies because of the importance of pets
having proper diets. Moreover, pets that require prescription diets, those that are designed and
manufactured to aid in the treatment of medical conditions, are even more important for those
pets that require them. We met with representatives from Royal Canin and Hill’s and made it
clear that providing products needed by our patients was a top priority. Hill’s, voiced their
commitment to sourcing their products during these shortages. They made it clear that in order
to better serve the majority of their clients, they were reducing some “size offerings” of certain
diets and ceasing the manufacture of other diets altogether.

Because of this lack of performance, and the need for our clients to get the right prescription
food for their pets Companion Animal Hospital is moving to Purina Veterinary Diets as our
“primary” pet food offerings. We will continue to source Hill’s diets but will endeavor to ensure
we have Purina Veterinary Diet available whenever the Hill’s diet cannot be obtained. Before
making this decision Dr. Anderson researched the Purina Veterinary Diets. Furthermore, she
has a couple of her own pets on these diets and have been very happy with the results.

In order to serve our clients, we will continue to place SPECIAL ORDERS for Royal Canin as
requested. However, we are unable to guarantee any Royal Canin diets will be delivered in a
timely manner. We will also continue to offer Royal Canin and Hill’s on our online store:

Furthermore, if you choose to purchase Purina Veterinary Diets on your own, a web-based
client portal will be made available allowing you to order these foods direct to your home,
having them auto-shipped on the schedule you desire. Purina has developed this portal to aid
pet owners in securing needed diets and they do not charge for shipping to your home,
regardless of whether you are making a single purchase, or having an auto-ship order set up. If
you do not like ordering online, we are happy to order the products for you.

We undertake this change for the benefit of our clients and their pets. In speaking with many
other hospitals and veterinarians, this is a wide-spread industry issue. Many hospitals are
making this same decision in order to better serve the needs of their clients and patients. If
ordering from big box discount stores, we recommend verifying the expiration dates on any
products delivered. There continues to be some issues with outdated, misrepresented, or
counterfeit foods, treats and other products. Remember, we stand behind our products and
have the manufactures’ guarantee on freshness and authenticity.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting Dave Anderson or Matt
Anderson at our office. They will be happy to discuss this with you and see what we might do to
make this change as easy for you as possible. Thank you for your understanding and for
allowing me to care for your pets. You are greatly appreciated!

Best regards,
Dr. Melanie Anderson