Regular Training for Hospital Staff

Dear Valued Client:

Veterinary medicine continues to grow and develop. Economists expect the veterinary services market to continue aggressive growth well into the future. COVID has certainly had a positive effect on people adopting cats and dogs, so veterinary demand continues an upward trend. There are new opportunities, products and procedures that enter the market with regularity. At Companion Animal Hospital we take personal and professional development very seriously. Each prospective team member, during the interview process, is informed that a personal commitment to professional development and industry education is an expectation. Our team understands that although Companion will cover most costs associated with veterinary industry professional development, they too are expected to make personal investment in their own development. This requires them to do some development on their own time, away from the office. But we are committed to investing in our team’s development too.

At Companion, we strive to make our veterinary team available to our patients and clients as much as reasonably possible. We are committed to comprehensive, compassionate, affordable veterinary care. These have been my personal values from the beginning of my service to veterinary medicine and they will remain core values for Companion Animal Hospital of Lewisburg. While many offices close for lunch regularly, we have avoided this practice in order to put our client and patient needs first. However, in retrospect, this does make it more difficult for our staff to get the level of educational information that I desire for them. For this reason, I am implementing a structured approach to our internal training sessions that require outside trainers or consultants. Effective July 27th, 2021 we will be closed for 1 hour during the day between noon and 1pm, on each Tuesday. This will allow us to take advantage of education and professional development opportunities that we wish to attend. I, and my staff want to thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this effort. Please know that we do this in order to continue to improve the service and care we offer you and your pets.

We are doing this on Tuesdays, so that you know when we will be in training/meeting and unavailable to you. We don’t want you to be surprised when you arrive at the office and find the doors locked and a note informing visitors that we are closed between noon and 1pm for internal training and staff discussion. We will update our website with this information and we will try to ensure that we update our text message responses on Monday’s, for a while, so you know at least a day ahead of time that we will be in training between noon and 1pm CST each Tuesday. You can call the office or text, leaving us a message, during this training hour, but you will not be responded to until after our training hour has ended. We will respond to calls and text messages in the order in which they were received.

Of course there is always the possibility that an emergency could occur during this time frame. If you believe you have an emergency that must be seen prior to our return to seeing patients at 1pm on Tuesday’s then I refer you to our emergency partner, Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital. They are located at 3020 Mallory Lane in Franklin, TN 37067 and can be reached by calling, 615-333-1212.

Again, I and my staff, wish to thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to improve the care and service we provide. As always, “thank you very much”, for allowing us to care for your pet. Your trust is greatly valued and appreciated.


Dr. Melanie Anderson