Simparica Trio

All-In-One Internal & External Parasite Preventative

As an advocate for your pet’s veterinary care, we continue to find the products, treatments and services that assist us in achieving our objective: Helping You Love Your Pets. We are very pleased to announce that effective November 12, 2020, Companion Animal Hospital began selling Simparica Trio, by Zoetis Animal Health. Trio is the long-awaited answer to both internal and external parasite control and prevention in dogs. Trio helps to keep both you, and you family happier and healthier. Moreover, you as the pet owner you no longer have to choose between heartworm protection, OR flea and tick protection, because of cost. Trio is affordable.

For years, in order to protect your dog from fleas/ticks and heartworms you had to use two products. In order to serve our clients, we have sold Credelio (prevents fleas & ticks) and Interceptor Plus (prevents heartworms), or Simparica (prevents fleas & ticks) and Proheart (prevents heartworms). Finally, there is a safe, reliable, effective All-in-One monthly chewable SIMPARICA TRIO. Trio combines the same safe and effective product found in Simparica for flea and tick protection and the same safe and effective product found in Proheart 6 & 12 for heartworm protection. All contained in a small, great tasting, monthly chewable.

Simply, Simparica Trio is:

  • AFFORDABLE: less expensive than using two preventatives, 1 for fleas & ticks and 1 for heartworms
  • CONVENIENT: easy monthly protection for busy pet owners
  • COMPREHENSIVE: provides greater coverage preventing fleas, ticks and heartworms
    • HEARTWORMS: In two well controlled laboratory studies, a single oral dose of SIMPARICA TRIO was 100% effective in preventing the development of adult D. immitis (heartworms) in dogs inoculated with infective larvae 30 days before treatment.
    • FLEAS: In a well controlled laboratory study, SIMPARICA TRIO began to kill fleas at 4 hours and demonstrated 100% effectiveness at 8 hours after initial administration.
    • TICKS: In a well controlled laboratory study, SIMPARICA TRIO began to kill existing I. scapularis (ticks) within 8 hours, SIMPARICA TRIO reduced the number of live ticks by ≥94.2% within 24 hours of infestation for 28 days.
  • CHEWABLE: concerned about injections, this is an All-in-One good tasting monthly chewable
  • PUPPY SAFE: approved for puppies 8 weeks of age and older, at least 2.8lbs in weight
  • MONEY SAVING: Trio is a Zoetis product that qualifies for Zoetis Pet Care Rewards. Real money refunded to you on a debit card for every qualifying purchase of Zoetis products.

Interested in changing from your current products to Simparica Trio? Let our team of friendly staff know you want to make the switch and they will take care of the rest. Do you purchase your products on our online store, no problem, Simparica Trio can be found on our online store as well. If you have any problems with our online store, call or text the office and ask for Matt. Let him know your problem and he can help you work through it quickly and easily.