Online Ordering

Take the hassle out of online ordering.

As a client of Companion Animal Hospital, we will do it for you!

Want to order online and skip the trip to the office? Want your products and non-controlled
medications delivered right to your door? Tired of struggling to order online yourself?

No problem! Because you are a Companion Animal Hospital client, we will handle the hassle of
online ordering for you.

Simply, call or text us, and give us the needed information. We will go online at our online store,
set you and your pet(s) up for your current and future purchases and then we will order what
you need. When your order is ready, we will call you to get payment over the phone. That is all
you need to do. It is that simple.

Soon, your items will be delivered right to your door. If you like it, just call us or text us the next
time too.

It is Simple, Easy, Convenient and Affordable.

Just another way, Companion Animal Hospital wants to Help You Love Your Pets!

Just call or text us with the following information:

Your name, your pet’s name, the items you want ordered or filled for that pet and the best
phone number to reach you when we are ready for payment. If ordering for multiple pets, please
provide each pet’s name and what you want ordered for that particular pet so records can be
updated accurately.