An easier way to save on pet care!

At Companion Animal Hospital of Lewisburg, TN, Dr. Anderson is always looking for ways to help clients provide the best quality care they can provide to their pets at a price that is affordable. That is why she strongly recommends clients giving specific Zoetis products to their pets as part of their pet’s healthcare, participate in Zoetis Pet Care Rewards. We know you always want to do what is best for your pet and we are here to help you do just that!

Here is how it works: Earn rewards with each purchase of an eligible Zoetis product. Redeem the rewards for a reloadable Zoetis Pet Care Rewards Visa Prepaid Card, which can be used to pay for any product at your veterinary office, or on your veterinarian’s online store. Remember, a prepaid card is not a credit card, it is a card that accumulates money on it for you to use as a debit card at a later date.

Below you will see the logos of the products that are currently eligible for these Pet Care Rewards. In addition, we tell you how many rewards you can accumulate each time you purchase the products. These “total rewards” are not a limit on what you can redeem in total, they are a limit on what you can redeem each time you submit a receipt with the qualifying product indicated. You can accumulate up to that much each time you submit a receipt. This adds up to real money for you.

Companion Animal Hospital currently has approximately 70 clients participating in these rewards. You should be participating too if you are purchasing the qualifying products. If you have ever sent in a rebate online, you have the skills to redeem your qualifying receipts. If you need help doing this, we are happy to help you in the office. Basically, you take a picture of your receipt which clearly indicates the qualifying product and the price paid, and you upload it at the website. It is truly very simple. However, you must first go to the website and register to participate in the program. Again, we can help you at the office if you need assistance.

Qualifying Products for Rebates